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I grew up in Gilbert, AZ and graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from BYU - Hawaii. I was trained to airbrush tan by an amazing salon owner in Scottsdale, AZ and certified with the NSTPA, Colour Me Bronze, and am a recognized member of the ASTP. I offer mobile services where I come to you at the convenience of your home or other venue, as well as in salon appointment. I only use organic, cruelty free/PETA approved products.


While in studio at TresImage Salon, your first appointment with me will be $45. During that time, we will go over your skin and desired outcome to best choose the right solution for you. After that, each appointment is $40. Being a mobile tanning artist, I work with several teams for dance or competition cheer as well spray tan parties. Since these groups are usually quite large, I do offer group rates.


Did you know that 90% of visible skin aging is done by the sun and tanning beds? Melanoma is on the rise and over 200,000 Americans will be diagnosed with it just next year. Who doesn't love a good sun shiny day and lay out by the pool with their sunglasses and a cool drink? Even with a tan, natural or air brush, you still need to protect yourself with sunscreen! Summer may be over, but you don't have to look like Jack Frost because of it.


I know, I know. This time of year, I hear a lot of "but its fall/winter". Winter is drying for the skin, we all know that. Hydrofirm has no color and contains aloe vera, Vitamin E and other ingredients which will hydrate and plump the skin leaving a more youthful look and can extend the time of a tan or just help you feel less dry. Book a Hydrofirm if you want to hold off on the color but give yourself a hydrating boost. How can a gorgeous glow can be beneficial in the winter months? what about Holiday parties? School dances? Work Events? Valentine's Day? Vacations? Do I need to go on?


Holiday parties are one of my busiest seasons during the year, so do not hesitate to book in advance! You bought an amazing new outfit for that Holiday party, but trust me, it will look better with a tan. Colors that are famously worn around the holidays can make you look much more pale. Not only that, but picking the right undertone in a tanning solution can compliment your makeup as well as the colors you are wearing, making you stand out in the best way. Spray tans are famous for evening out skin tones, covering imperfections, and even making you look slimmer and more toned. My favorite comment I've received was an enthusiastic "it covers my cellulite!". So many of my clients tell me that they "just feel better with a tan". Why not get your friends together before the next event you're attending and host a spray tan party in the comfort of your own home?


Not only do you have several parties to attend within the next couple months, but school dances are coming up for the high schoolers. Again, we want to ensure that no one looks washed out in the dress that has been meticulously selected weeks in advance. Valentine's Day will book up quickly since everyone is wanting to look and feel their best in that little black dress.


Vacations are popular in the winter, especially if you're trying to get away from the snow and into the tropics. You can't go looking like you just came from the snow though, can you? Remember, just because the weather is cold and you'll be wearing more layers, does not mean that you don't have a reason for a faux glow!


This year, I will be offering a limited number of Black Friday Deals which will include aftercare product as well as package deals. These will be revealed shortly before Thanksgiving and can be seen on my instagram account, @touchofsuneh or on Facebook; Touch of Sun.

Erica works in studio at TresImage Salon on Thursdays and other days by appointment only.

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