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Olivia Yellow Hair

    Hello there, my name is Olivia Yellow Hair and yes that is my actual last name I tend to get that question quite often. I’m currently a hairstylist at TresImage who loves to specialize in short textured haircuts or anything that involves the clippers! I do love to do men’s hair cuts the most especially the 00 fades something about them gets me so zoned in and in the moment. Don’t get me wrong I’m always ready for something fun and new for my clients whether that means a new color or cut Im ready. 

     I’m currently working Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at the salon. Aside from being a stylist I love being out in nature or doing something with my free time because you only live once so might as well live a happy  and interesting life so I don’t limit my self on things to do. I only do that stuff that brings a smile to my face that mostly consists of hanging out with my friends and family. Also traveling the world with my taste buds with different restaurants or even cooking it myself! 

    When I was younger I remember going to the salon with my mom but what’s different then most was that she was the stylist so I’d watch her work and be her little helper when I could which was me sweeping up the hair after her client or helping her get a drink for a client. As a hairstylist it’s quite difficult to call out because you have so many people counting on you and you don’t wanna let them down so when you have kids it’s quite difficult but my mom always did her best to make it work. Now that I’m older and in the same field I now know all the sacrifices and dedication she had and I’m beyond blessed to have her as my mom because she is unbelievably strong and dedicated to her job which I now try to live up to because I one day aspire to have an amazing set of loyal client like she does who are more like friends if anything from all the years they’ve known each other that client stylist connection is why I love my job. I love putting a smile on people’s faces cause they are absolutely in love with their hair! 

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