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Posted on 02.07.19

Three is the charm; meet Nayna, Yahaira and Kim!

Hello my name is Naynaand I was born and raised in Reno. I graduated as a full cosmetologist from Milan just this last October and started my apprenticeship program the same week. I want to grow and learn more about hair and makeup because it is my passion. I love to do all of it but the reason I first started school was my love for makeup, hairstyling, and color.          

I got to follow my passion with the support of my family and friends. I assist Dean and Risa right now and am extending my learnings every day. I have a bubbly personality so TresImage is the perfect fit for me thanks to the warm and positive atmosphere. I hope to continue to learn and grow more as the year continues.  And, what’s great is that May 1st I’ll be taking my own clients!

Hello my name is Yahaira and I was born in El Paso, Texas but I was raised right here in Reno! I have a huge family which consists of 4 sisters and 1 brother. My family means everything to me. I have a boyfriend named Tyler and we have a Brittany spaniel named copper. Having a big family is truly a blessing; everyone has so much love to give.

I was in school at Paul Mitchell the school of Reno for almost two years and have my full cosmetology license. I currently am a nail technician at TresImage salon and I specialize in both acrylic and hard gel which not many people do. I also enjoy doing spa manicures, spa pedicures, and gel polish manicures.  I enjoy what I do so much; my favorite thing about my job is making people feel good. I might be a new member of TresImage but here everyone treats you like family and I truly love that.

Hi! My name is Kim and I’m a new stylist at TresImage. 

My creative career began as a graphic designer, but as commercial art became more digital and less hands-on, I decided to make a change. Hairstyling has always been a love of mine – in fact during my time in art school I cut and styled hair for many of my fellow students! So when an opportunity arose for me to change careers, I decided to attend Paul Mitchell School. It was the best decision I ever made. It turns out that my first and second career choices are very much aligned, and I love using my artistic eye to create beautiful hair that makes people feel great about themselves.

My passion is showcasing a client’s natural hair color and texture with the right cut. I also love enhancing color and working with the client’s styling preferences to create beautiful hair that is easy to style at home.  I feel like I’ve used my experience in art and design to do great things when someone leaves my chair smiling and saying “I love it!”.

On my days off, you’ll find me outside. I love hiking, camping, rock climbing and biking with friends and family. I spend my quieter time doing yoga, reading, drawing, or making pottery at a local studio. 

If you’re looking for a men’s cut, women’s cut, color, special occasion style, or a great cut for your kids, I’d love to create beautiful hair for you!

Posted on 02.01.19

Meet Zak and Keysha!

Zak Campbell, Stylist

Hair has been in my life since I can remember. As a child, I would sit in my mom’s salon every day during the summertime which allowed me a first-hand look at the art involved in cutting hair. My mom always inspired me with her creativity, resulting in my passion for cutting and styling hair. After working many unfulfilling jobs, I decided to follow in my mom’s footsteps and pursue a career in hair. 

After graduating from the Paul Mitchell School, I was offered an opportunity to become an instructor and cutting specialist at the school. Since working at the Paul Mitchell School for the past two years, I reopened the barber shop at the VA Hospital in Reno where I spend most of my days off. 

Through connecting with inspiring hair stylists, I had to pleasure of meeting Risa, the owner of TresImage, and now have the amazing opportunity of working in her salon. At TresImage, I am able to be creative and inspired every day.

Keysha, Guest Services

Hello my name is Keysha and I’m the Receptionist on Saturdays at TresImage.

I have been living in Reno for about a year and a half now and I’ve been working here since July of 2018. I am a Nevada Licensed Aesthetician but am not currently working as one, I still however am working in a salon and surrounded by creative people in the industry!

Being one of the receptionists here means that I’m the first person every client sees when they enter the salon, I’m very friendly so making sure that the clients are greeted and feel welcomed is my job!

Working in an environment where the purpose is to make people feel good about themselves is truly an amazing opportunity and I look forward to every Saturday! 

Posted on 01.15.19

Introducing Serena and Leslie

Hi I’m, Serena Mulock

I have been at Tres Image for 2 Years. I was a regular client before that and knew that this was the salon that I wanted to be at. I am a licensed cosmetologist focusing on natural length nails.

I am a third generation Nevadan, with a brief hiatus in Oregon. However, there truly is no place like home. My decision to enter the beauty field came later in life, after some life situations that made me re-evaluate my life. I had been in the food industry up to that point for 35+ years and was very comfortable in it. Continually through my life I still found myself drawn with fascination to the beauty field. So, after much encouragement, I decided it was time to follow that other dream. I have been truly glad that I did.

Learning is a constant for me. Whether it is reading, watching videos or attending classes to learn how to better improve myself or how to learn something new. My husband and my family are my biggest supporters and we enjoy spending time together, whether its just hanging out or exploring. Other things I enjoy doing in my free time, is having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with friends, doing some type of crafting, or spending time in the kitchen baking up a batch of something to share with others.

When it comes to my time in the salon, I have found that pedicures are a passion for me. We spend so much time on our feet and give so little thought and care to them. So, when a client takes the time to do self-care of their feet, I want to help them truly enjoy it and do my best.

I focus on Natural Length nails which includes services not only for the pedicure services, but also for natural nail manicures and gel polish manicures.

One of the newer services that I offer, that is fast becoming popular, is Powder Coating (also known as Dipping) for natural length nails. For those who want something a little stronger and more durable than gel polish, this is a great step up.

With all my nail services I enjoy seeing the decisions that my clients choose when picking their designs, colors etc.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with and how I can help you with your self-care.

Hello my name is Leslie and I was born and raised right here in Reno! In 2011 I graduated from UNR with my Bachelor’s degree in communications and graduated June of this year from Paul Mitchell the school Reno as a full Cosmo. I’m new on the scene here at Tresimage but I’ve loved every minute of it! My concentration is hair cutting and color but I also do special occasion hair and make-up as well. 

I decided to make the change from my office job to pursue my passion with hair and have never looked back. It is truly a blessing to be able to come to work and look forward to the day and its challenges. I love the opportunity to be creative and get to know my clients which is my favorite part of the job! There is no better feeling than to have someone leave my chair with a renewed sense of confidence so come in and see me, I would love the opportunity to help you reach your hair goals!

Posted on 01.09.19

Get to know Caitlin & Zoe!

Hi, I’m Caitlin

I have been a nail technician for about 4 years now. I graduated from Marinello School of Beauty. I joined TresImage Salon around July of 2015.

I love being in the salon because I enjoy loving my job. I always say to my clients (especially my youngest ones) that it’s important to do something that makes you happy in life. Especially a job you plan to work in for the rest of your life! I look forward to everyday I am in the salon with my coworkers and wonderful clients.

 In the salon, it makes my day brighter knowing I’ve made other people feel better; even if it’s just with a natural manicure, soaking up a relaxing pedicure, a fun gel polish manicure, or strengthening their nails with UV gel or acrylics, and I’m always trying to help clients show their wild side with a splash of color or glitter.

I offer natural manicures, UV gel enhancements, pedicures, and gel polish manicure services. I also offer acrylic services, but only to clients who are referred by my existing clientele, or have an allergy to gels. I am allergic to acrylic, so this service is limited availability. I am available in the salon Wednesday through Sunday. When I’m not in the salon I’m usually at my other job, or taking care of my younger siblings and family.

Hi, I’m Zoë and I am currently a hairstylist at TresImage Salon!

I’ve been in the industry for over a year now and have loved every second of it. Through the ups and downs it’s been a constant chance to grow and learn.

What spurred me to join this industry was when I was overseas in Japan. My friend Maya and I loved to get into innocent trouble and snuck into a Japanese hospital on a university campus in the bustling city of Tokyo. Inside this hospital, was a little salon inside the bottom floor, it completely blew my mind, and gave me the strong urge to help people by helping them to feel and look their best, even when maybe they don’t feel it because life threw them a curve ball.

Through my adventures I have learned a profound love for people from all backgrounds, it’s helped me to learn to understand others on another level that maybe others can’t. I’d hope, and think that this would help others to feel understood and reassured in my chair the entirety of their time in the salon.

In fact! Most of my friends are from different countries, leaving me with the opportunity to be patient and really listen and understand what is trying to be conveyed. Whether its color, a new haircut, or even just a styling, I promise that you will be heard.

If you are looking for a drastic change, just a refresh, or are even new to the area I am your gal! My specialties include bomb haircuts, with a love for drastic long to short, but don’t let that scare you! I am a conservative gal too! If you need to start slow I’m there! I love when clients come in with a hair oops and I get to blow their minds with a solution that makes them feel like the oops never happened.  I adore a good head of bouncy curls, and my love and patience will show it too!

Please allow me to do your hair or makeup! Come on in and let’s get to know each other!

Posted on 01.03.19

Meet Nikki and Risa!

HI, I’m Nikki!

I have been in the industry as a nail tech for 12+ years and have been with the TresImage family for coming up in 6 years. 

The opportunity to go to school for nails kind of just fell in my lap, thanks to my Mom & Dad and once I started, I really enjoyed it and felt confident in my work. Then, I’ve become close with so many of my clients and so it makes coming to work, not really feel like “work”. Being able to make my own schedule has really helped out as well because I have a family of 6 and we are always busy between school stuff, dance stuff and soccer season things

When I’m not doing family (business) things, you can find me at a great concert, out at a lake, sometimes somewhere in California, at the movies, Truckee river, Burningman events or here at the salon tending to your hands and feet!  I offer hard and soft gel nails and spa pedicures.  If you’re looking to book with me in the future, please call and make your appointment with plenty of time because my books tend to stay full a few weeks out.
Call 323-1414

Hello! My name is Risa!

I’ve been in the beauty industry since I was 18 years old.  I started out as a makeup artist while I was attending UNR.  I loved working with companies and individuals on their personal image and after 12 years I went to Beauty School to further my education and get my license to do hair.

So in 2001, I was blessed to work with a  couple of gals and Dean at a salon called DaVinci’s when I first got out of school and then a year later I opened up a smaller version of TresImage.  Fast forward 18 years later, and here we are…. TresImage at its current location.

What does TresImage mean to me?  Everything!  We have the best people working at TresImage.  Everyone is like family here.   WE help each other out and build each other up.  Education is super important and so is offering excellent customer service. 

Personally, I’m behind the chair four days a week and I love my clients.  I really enjoy doing all sorts of things, but A lines and Pixies are truly fun and exciting for me.  I also love Natural hair color applications.  Ask anyone and they will tell you that I always run on time.  I don’t like to run late.  And, I love office supplies!  I enjoy working in the office as much as I love working with my clients.

When I’m not at work, I love to hang out with my husband Ruben and our 6 year old daughter Annalisa.  We love to camp, boat, travel and eat great food.  I like RED wine vs white wine, Dark chocolate vs Milk chocolate and I’m trying to eat less carbs and stay healthy.

If you are in the salon, please say hello and introduce yourself.  My favorite quote is “No one is a stranger, but a friend you’ve never met,”

Posted on 12.28.18

Meet Tawny and Em’lee

Hi, I’m Tawny Little

I’ve been a nail technician for over twelve years now.

I was drawn to this career because I had a knack creating nail designs and I wanted to be in a business where I had the flexibility to make my own hours, so I could help with my family members.  

I think what makes me stand out from other nail techs in my industry is, not only do I offer gel nails, I also offer acrylic nails. Some of my clients still prefer acrylic nails opposed to gel. 

When I’m not creating unique nail designs at TresImage, I like to hang out with my husband and my dogs, because they are like my children.

When booking a nail appointment with me, you should know that I take extra measures to ensure that every person that sits in my chair gets the experience they deserve. I always try and make sure you feel welcome and comfortable.

Call TresImage and make an appointment with me for all your gel, acrylic, or pedicure needs!

Em’Lee, Stylist

I’ve been at TresImage for 6+ years, and I enjoy current every day haircuts, and excel in men’s cuts (thanks to my 3 siblings who are all boys).

My outside interests include, anything outdoors. BBQing with family and friends, hunting and camping have been the biggest priorities this last year, and of course doing it with the people I love most. 

Family means the world to me and I love the family environment TresImage has created. I enjoy coming into work every day and meeting new people. My friends and family would describe me as outgoing, bubbly, and upbeat. 

Book your appointment today and see for yourself 323-1414

Posted on 12.20.18

Get to know Derrick & Magda

HI I’m Derrick Zeno!

I entered into this industry right out of high school. I was very lucky because I have known sinceI was a child that I wanted to do hair.  AfterI graduated from cosmetology school, I have only worked at 4 different salons.One of those salon’s was my own for 21 years. Luckily, I found TresImage 9 years ago. The minute I walked intoTresImage I knew I had found my new home. I hope you feel the same way.

I recently entered aglobal color competition in Los Angeles and won Gold.  I was the first American to ever winGold.  48 Americans had tried before me.  It always feels amazing to make history.    I havealso worked on tv for 10 years doing an afternoon make over show. Working withour local television station we honored local people women who wanted acomplete change.

Currently, I am a National Education Team member for Goldwell hair color.  The number two color line  in the world! I get to travel ¾ of the year teaching top salons in NorthAmerica the latest in coloring trends and advanced techniques. 

When I do find a day off in Reno, I spend time with my son Michael and his lovely wife Morgan.  We love to golf, bowl and eat great food.

Back to the hair side of things.  I love following hair and fashion trends and using that knowledge to educate other stylists in our industry.  At TresImage we use this information to help our clients stay current and ahead of the trends.

Hi I am Magdalena.

I will  officially hitting my nine-year mark in the nail industry this coming January. I am happy to say that I have spent my entire career as a nail tech at TresImage salon. I love it here, we are truly a family-oriented salon and I really enjoy the diverse personalities.

The reason I started in this industry in the first place, was because I have always loved art since I can remember. Even though, the art was my first inspiration, after doing nails for a while, I found myself to be more in love with pedicures. Pedicures are my true passion. I love giving a great pedicure and seeing the difference in my client’s feet when they come back for their next appointment. The whole process is just amazing, from the beginning until the end. My pedicures involve cleanup of the cuticles and heels, sugar scrub, mask and hot towels, and a relaxing massage followed by a paint job that puts a smile on my client’s face. My favorite part is matching the colors based on their skin.This brings out my creative side.

Another huge reason this job brings me so much joy, is the relationships I have buil twith my clients over the years. They are truly my family and friends, and I am grateful that I have gotten to be a part of their lives over the last nine years. We laugh, we cry, and we share memories that make us cry and laugh even more. Being able to provide a great service, seeing my clients relax, or simply just having a great conversation is what makes my job so special.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and two very hyper dogs that never seem to stop chasing the ball, I mean never. I also enjoy listening to music way too loud, cleaning as a relaxation technique, and spending time by the water.

If you ever want to get pampered, need to unwind after a long day at work or simply escape your retirement life, I just might be a girl for you. Also, I forgot to mention that I am funny, good listener, and deadly afraid of mice and clowns.

My favorite quote: “Live the Life of Your Dreams. When you start living the life of your dreams, there will always be obstacles, doubters, mistakes and setbacks along the way. But with hard work, perseverance and self-belief there is no limit to what you can achieve.” Roy T. Bennett

Posted on 12.12.18

Dean & Valerie love their clients!

HI!  My name is Dean!

I started my career in this industry over 30 years ago and am lucky to say that I still enjoy going to work everyday. I’ve worked at TresImage since 2004 and I am very fortunate to work with a great team here.

My favorite aspects of this career is being able to build great relationships with my clients and make them feel great about themselves when they leave the salon.  I love and understand color theory and I’m able to create new looks for my clients using a new haircut or color formula to achieve their desired look.

Some of the haircuts that I love to do are long layers, A lines, pixie cuts and of course a good men’s cut. 

When I’m not at the salon, I love to travel, bake, read, and spend time with my friends and family. Some of my favorite places that I have traveled to are Spain, Paris, New Zealand and Berlin, Germany. 

If you’d like a consultation or appointment, you can call the salon or find me in our online booking system.  775-323-1414   tresimagesalon.com

I look forward to meeting you!

Hi!  I’m Valerie!

I have been doing nails for 4 years and came to TresImage right out of beauty school and never left! 

I got into the business because my mom pushed for me to go to school after I had my son. I only intended to go and do the bare minimum, but that did not end up being the case! I fell in love and wanted to know anything and everything about doing nails! 

I specialize in shaping and hand painted art work using hard gels!  I love that you can have super simple nails with a beautiful shape and they will always give you a polished look! 

I am so thankful to have the most amazing clients, some have been with me my entire career! I’ve truly become very close to my clients and I’ve built great relationships! 

Outside of work I have my 5 year old son, my boyfriend and two mastiff puppies! 

My favorite saying or quote is the one that says “I’ve always seen the glass half full instead of half empty.” That’s who I am. I like to stay positive and keep moving forward.

I love what I do and next time you are in the salon, come say hello!

Posted on 12.06.18

Get to know our fabulous stylist…Estela and Kaela!

Hello! My name is Estela

In addition to being a full-time mom to three beautiful girls, I have been with Tres Image for over 11 years. I have had a passion for the hair industry for as long as I can remember, and I pride myself on my work and relationships with clients. It is my goal to provide you with something that will work with your lifestyle. I want you to leave knowing that you can style and recreate your look to feel beautiful at home long after you leave the salon. Staying current in trends and continuing my professional education is very important to me.

With everything I do, I strive to set a positive example for my daughters. I hope they see my strong will and drive and will become successful women in an ever-changing society.

I love being a northern Nevada resident, and all of the food, culture, music, and activities that the area has to offer. While a healthy and active lifestyle is very important to me, I also enjoy reading, watching movies, and most importantly spending time with my loved ones.

If you can relate to me, then let’s get you on my schedule!  I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday’s.  I look forward to meeting you.

Hi! I’m Kaela!

I have been licensed for about ten years and have worked at TresImage Salon for almost eight years!

Hair has always been a passion of mine, even throughout grade school. As a kid I liked to experiment with interesting hair styles to show off at school, so it was no surprise that I decided to go to cosmetology school after graduating high school.

When I’m not at work, I like to read as many books as I can while still furthering my education. I believe this is an important thing to keep doing even after you find your perfect career. Aside from that, I love to do Crossfit at least five times a week for health purposes. Call and make an appointment with me if you need some beautiful highlights while chatting about books or movies!

Kaela’s client

Posted on 11.27.18

Craftmanship at it’s best! Meet Katy and Cecilia!

Hi! I’m Katy Samuels. I have been licensed for 7 years now, but passionate about hair since I was a little girl. My favorite thing about doing hair is building relationships with my clients and catching up with them every appointment with a cup of coffee! When I’m not in the salon I’m often traveling for work to trade shows, educating, and working with my favorite hair companies, Pulp Riot, B3, and Colortrak. I specialize in fashion colors so that means I get to really use my artistic side and create from the heart while seeing new cities!  (10/10 would recommend) I love working with fashion colors because of the challenge, and how intriguing it is to look at. The possibilities are endless! I love the look on my clients faces when they decide to dive into fashion colors for the first time and realize we can ALL pull it off! Yes, I do clients of ALL ages. (Find some of my favorites on instagram @k.s.colors) when I’m not working, you can find me at home with my boys! My fiancé, 5 year old son, and our dog Spencer. We’re often running away to the lake or playing outside together before cuddling on the couch with a movie.

Hi! I’m Cecilia Padilla and I’m a nail tech here at Tres Image. I have been a nail tech for over 10yrs. I love my job! I love making people feel good about themselves even if it’s as simple as them just getting their nails done or getting a pedicure. I love the relationship I build with my clients, I see their family grow, I see them grow. Not only do I provide nail services, but also a listener of your ups and downs, and frequent karaoke / serenader if you are sitting in my chair When I’m not at work, you’ll find me either racing, hiking or drinking coffee somewhere! I love being active and being outdoors and I love my Cat!

Posted on 11.19.18

Thankful for Lori Valentine and Maryn Paulsen

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, we want to thank all of our clients for their wonderful loyalty and friendships.  We love our clients and we hope you have a relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends.

This week we would like to feature two of our amazing ladies who CARE a lot about their clients and their fellow co-workers.  Here’s a little something about Lori Valentine and Maryn Paulsen. 

Lori Valentine

Aesthetician (aka Skin Therapist)

Hi there! I am Lori Valentine a licensed esthetician here @ Tres image Salon. I’ve been in the business for over 14 years!

What’s an esthetician? We are skin therapist! I get the privilege of diagnosing skin conditions. Issues like….aging (I am there!), acne, hormone imbalances ,sun damage,etc. I also specialize in all kinds of hair removal and even tinting (coloring) brows or lashes. I like getting to the core of the problem & help you reach your desired goal. It’s amazing what the facial room can do! I have lots of passion by nature, so you will get my best! Family is huge to me. Three amazing kids one by marriage. Nana to 3 beautiful grandkids. My heartbeat! Kitchen is where I love to dance along with my beatspill an occasional glass of fine wine and of course those grandbabies!! So lots of family dinners& functions. Music, family, friends, food & lots of love! It works!!   

Maryn Paulsen

Hair Stylist and Guest Services

Hi, I’m Maryn,

I have been doing hair ever since I could play with dolls and operate a pair of scissors. In high school, it evolved into cutting and coloring hair for friends, and I have been in the professional world going on four years now .Recently, I have especially loved doing all of the warm red and copper colors we see happening this fall. Making people not only look great but also feel great is what I strive for. I pride myself in not only offering great services, but great conversation as well. Being able to talk to people and to build relationships with clients is a huge part of what drew me into this business, and also why you can find me smiling at the front desk, in addition to behind the chair.  Whenever I am not working, you can find me hanging out with my dog Licorice, or on my couch planning for next Halloween while watching “Supernatural”

Posted on 11.14.18

Get to know Jess Deputy, our Aesthetician and Lash Artist!

Empowering women to feel their most beautiful is what Jess Deputy strives to do every day.

Jess has been working in the beauty industry for three and a half year with a multifaceted background in skin care, eyelash extensions, and full body waxing. Jess helps the clients of TresImage look and feel their best. You can always tell when Jess has worked with a client because they leave the salon glowing and laughing. She also manages the front desk at TresImage, giving each guest world-class service with an authentic community-centric warmth.

When Jess isn’t working, you can find her decorating for the next holiday with her family, wearing matching outfits with her friends, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

9660 S McCarran Blvd Reno, NV 89523 (775)323-1414

Posted on 11.13.18

Introducing…Sandra Atcheson LMT


We thought we would share her BIO with all of you so you can learn a little about Sandra.

Sandra will be taking clients at TresImage on Thursday afternoons and early evenings.







$90 1 ½ HOURS




















Posted on 11.08.18

Meet Erica Hansen with Touch of Sun

Touch of Sun

I grew up in Gilbert, AZ and graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from BYU – Hawaii. I was trained to airbrush tan by an amazing salon owner in Scottsdale, AZ and certified with the NSTPA, Colour Me Bronze, and am a recognized member of the ASTP. I offer mobile services where I come to you at the convenience of your home or other venue, as well as in salon appointment. I only use organic, cruelty free/PETA approved products.

While in studio at TresImage Salon, your first appointment with me will be $45. During that time, we will go over your skin and desired outcome to best choose the right solution for you. After that, each appointment is $40. Being a mobile tanning artist, I work with several teams for dance or competition cheer as well spray tan parties. Since these groups are usually quite large, I do offer group rates.

Did you know that 90% of visible skin aging is done by the sun and tanning beds? Melanoma is on the rise and over 200,000 Americans will be diagnosed with it just next year. Who doesn’t love a good sun shiny day and lay out by the pool with their sunglasses and a cool drink? Even with a tan, natural or air brush, you still need to protect yourself with sunscreen! Summer may be over, but you don’t have to look like Jack Frost because of it.

I know, I know. This time of year, I hear a lot of “but its fall/winter”. Winter is drying for the skin, we all know that. Hydrofirm has no color and contains aloe vera, Vitamin E and other ingredients which will hydrate and plump the skin leaving a more youthful look and can extend the time of a tan or just help you feel less dry. Book a Hydrofirm if you want to hold off on the color but give yourself a hydrating boost. How can a gorgeous glow can be beneficial in the winter months? what about Holiday parties? School dances? Work Events? Valentine’s Day? Vacations? Do I need to go on?

Holiday parties are one of my busiest seasons during the year, so do not hesitate to book in advance! You bought an amazing new outfit for that Holiday party, but trust me, it will look better with a tan. Colors that are famously worn around the holidays can make you look much more pale. Not only that, but picking the right undertone in a tanning solution can compliment your makeup as well as the colors you are wearing, making you stand out in the best way. Spray tans are famous for evening out skin tones, covering imperfections, and even making you look slimmer and more toned. My favorite comment I’ve received was an enthusiastic “it covers my cellulite!”. So many of my clients tell me that they “just feel better with a tan”. Why not get your friends together before the next event you’re attending and host a spray tan party in the comfort of your own home?

Not only do you have several parties to attend within the next couple months, but school dances are coming up for the high schoolers. Again, we want to ensure that no one looks washed out in the dress that has been meticulously selected weeks in advance. Valentine’s Day will book up quickly since everyone is wanting to look and feel their best in that little black dress.

Vacations are popular in the winter, especially if you’re trying to get away from the snow and into the tropics. You can’t go looking like you just came from the snow though, can you? Remember, just because the weather is cold and you’ll be wearing more layers, does not mean that you don’t have a reason for a faux glow!

This year, I will be offering a limited number of Black Friday Deals which will include aftercare product as well as package deals. These will be revealed shortly before Thanksgiving and can be seen on my instagram account, @touchofsuneh or on Facebook; Touch of Sun.

Erica works in studio at TresImage Salon on Thursdays and other days by appointment only.

Posted on 06.13.18

Loving your Texture?

There’s a reason that everyone from Alexa Chung to Kat Graham has been rocking choppy, messy hair at a variety of lengths. It’s cute, casual and so simple to do. Creating bouncy, textured hair is even easier than ordering your morning coffee if you know the right products and techniques. Award-winning stylist Derrick Zeno swears that this effortless look can easily be achieved. This polished, bed-head style looks amazing on pretty much any hair type.

The reason that you may want to add texture to your hairstyle is to give your hair bounce and dimension – texture makes your hair look more lived-in and effortless. This style-change brings structure and movement to your everyday hairstyle, and it’s ideal for those who want to add life back to their hair without doing a huge makeover.

If you’re looking to get out the door fast with a little texture to your style, you can easily achieve this because it takes basically no time compared to other popular styles. You don’t need to be a professional to create this easy look; all you need are a few styling products and a badass attitude to pull it off. It’s that simple.

Here are seven tricks to achieving textured hair:

Create layers: Maybe just a slight change in your haircut will create dimension and movement.Use a styling spray before you curl: A simple spray of Goldwell Kerasilk Texture Spray just before curling will not only create great texture, but also long-lasting style.Dry shampoo to add texture: Oily hair will cause curls to fall. Using Goldwell Dry Shampoo will increase your efforts for a fun texture look.Make your hair look choppy with texture paste: Texture paste is an incredible way to achieve volume and texture. Ask your stylist if this will work for you.Create beach hair with Sea Salt spray: KMS Sea Salt Spray adds tremendous volume, it will feel like you are at the beach.Curl in different directions: If you curl your hair for volume, try changing it up by curling every other curl the opposite direction.Texture waves: If styling your own hair for volume and texture isn’t for you, we can take care of that by a simple texture wave service. Ask your stylist if this might be an option.

Remember, if you find it challenging to achieve texture in your hair, we are always here to help. Give us a call, or better yet, stop by the salon!

Posted on 05.17.18

Amazing Nectaya….an Innovative, Ammonia-free Colorant from Goldwell

If you’re like many of us, you’re devoted to your hair dresser and to your salon. And if you’re a regular at Tres Image, you know you’ve hit the beauty jackpot! You know Tres Image for its welcoming and upbeat atmosphere, for the remarkable staff who are skilled in the latest techniques—from manicurists and estheticians—to a bevy of hair stylists who strive to always make sure you leave the salon satisfied and eager to return. You also have learned to count on Tres Image as a leader in the business of beauty, especially when it comes to hair color. The salon is a stickler for using only the best colorants available, and to the staff and management at Tres Image, that means Goldwell products. But one thing you may not know is that Goldwell has developed a fairly new, ammonia-free line of color called Nectaya, developed for those who are bothered by the ammonia found in most products or someone who prefers a more “natural” approach to the business of enhancing their hair color.

Risa Lopez, is the owner of Tres Image with years of coloring experience. “Nectaya enriches the hair with nurturing care, creating the best basis for beautiful color results without compromising on performance,” Risa says.

She adds that besides containing no ammonia, Nectaya leaves the hair healthier feeling with up to 100 percent grey coverage. “It’s super nourishing,” she says, “and is great for maximum client comfort.”

Not only is Nectaya ammonia-free, it’s also packed with keratin and silk products that help grey hair regain its natural smoothness, manageability and shine. According to Goldwell, specially developed dye combinations ensure lively color results with reliable grey coverage. In addition, with Nectaya’s concise shade portfolio, fantastic hues from the blonde, brown and red families offer unlimited possibilities, both in the warm and the cool color spectrum. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a list of Nectaya’s qualities:

• It’s ammonia-free • Gives the performance of a permanent hair color with up to 100 percent grey coverage • The first-ever permanent hair color with patented technology • Hair color without ammonia or without ammonia-odor. Nectaya enriches the hair with nurturing care creating the best basis for beautiful color results without compromising on performance • Up to 91 percent ingredients of natural origin • Simple two-step usage system

If ammonia bothers you and you’ve been wondering if there is an available ammonia-free product, you’ll love Nectaya. You’ll find that it can be as effective as the products with ammonia without the annoying ammonia smell. We think you’ll be convinced that Nectaya can do the job. It’s proven that most products without ammonia cover grey completely and there’s also a big choice of shades available. Added to all of this, the color holds just as well as a traditional dye. Give it a try…call Tres Image today for your appointment.

Goldwell’s Nectaya Non-Ammonia hair color

Posted on 04.03.18

The Bridal Issue

Getting ready for your wedding…

“There is only one happiness in life; to love and be loved,” so goes the timeless quote by George Sand. These words are apropos this time of year, when, for many, thoughts turn to not only love, but also to taking the big step and actually committing to the one you love.

Since this is our bridal issue, and spring is, after all, wedding time, we’re more than ready to assist all of our lovely brides to become even more gorgeous as they prepare for their big day. It’s easy to understand how wedding planning can take over your life. We know how many details are running through your mind and we’re here to eliminate some of them and to make pre-wedding life a lot easier.

When it comes to accomplishing your dream look, Tres Image is your go-to salon. We are the idea folks and we’re not stingy about sharing! Here, in detail, are fresh plans of action for your best day ever as well as a timeline to help as you wade through myriad details as you prepare for your awesome wedding. We’re presenting our check list from beginning to end so no detail is overlooked. Read on, and when you’re ready for the next step, please give us a call.

The Consultation

We offer a complimentary discussion for the bride about her hair, makeup and all of the wedding day details. From here, we can schedule a trial run appointment with the stylist who will be working on the wedding day look. We will also go over the process for booking wedding day services.

Trial Run

The trial run should be booked two-to-three weeks before the wedding date. Pictures will be taken to document the final look so we can duplicate it on the wedding day.

Before the Wedding

Services that are perfect for the week before or even the day before the wedding include:

Facials, eyebrow shaping, manicures, pedicures, massage and lash/brow tint, to name just a few.

We do not recommend that you try to coordinate these services on the same day as your wedding. It’s important that your wedding day be relaxed and less stressful, allowing you to focus on any last-minute details that may come up.

Wedding Day Services

If you’ve already had a trial run, we will re-create the look achieved during that time—unless you and your stylist have discussed changes.

Remember, everyone in your party is welcome to partake of our services.

Additionally, photographers are encouraged and welcome to attend your “getting ready” process. We will gladly accommodate your photographer as best we can.

Complementary refreshments will be provided, but if you would like to bring your own food and drink, feel free. We’ll have a private area set up and ready for you and your party.

Wedding Day Recommendations

The bride and bridesmaids should arrive at the salon with clean, dry hair for the perfect style. Don’t forget to bring your veil, head piece, jewelry and flowers that will be incorporated into your perfect wedding day look. Our entire list is too extensive to detail here, but we will discuss all of the details well before the wedding day. Nothing will be overlooked.

On Location

For those brides who want us to come to their location, it’s important to schedule wedding services at least four to five months in advance.

Booking and Pricing

We have a bridal agreement that helps both of us stay organized. We will list all of your bridal party participants on this form and identify what services will be provided and then we’ll provide you with a list of pricing for all of our services.

So there you have it, our basic listing of what you can expect from Tres Image. This is a tried-and-true list. We know, because many brides have visited us and truly love our services. If you would like an endorsement from one of our brides, let us know and we will be glad to provide you with contact information.

We know that this is the day you’ve dreamt of, maybe for your entire life. It’s a day you pictured sharing with the people who mean the most to you. We will be there for you every step of the way. All you have to do is give us a ring, or come in in-person. We like to think we are the very first contact you’ll make as you begin your magical journey.

9660 S McCarran Blvd Reno, NV 89523 (775)323-1414

Posted on 03.15.18

Let’s hear it for the Guys

Dean Ferguson knows a thing or two about hair—both men’s and women’s. But since this installment of the Tres Image blog will focus on men’s grooming, it’s the guys we’ll be talking about here.

“I make them look good, that’s why they keep coming back,” says Dean, senior stylist at Tres Image. Besides Risa, the shop’s owner, Dean’s been a valued Tres Image team member for more than 14 years—the same age as the shop.

Dean’s long client list is split about evenly between men and women. In fact, he’s tended to the grooming needs of many families; so many, that lots of them have been his clients since they were old enough to climb into the chair. “They’ve grown up with me,” he says, adding that Tres Image has gained a reputation as a family-friendly salon.

It’s easy to imagine the truth of this statement when you walk into the salon to the sounds of laughter and chatter between stylists and clients. You will also notice, that besides the females in those chairs, there are lots of males.

It’s all about the details

“We have a large male clientele,” Dean confirms. Perhaps one reason for this is the attention that he and all stylists pay to the details of a hair style.

“You always have to look for the same things—things like growth patterns, head shape, hair texture and density,” he says. “Then I’ll ask what they want. I pull up photos on my phone or they’ll bring in photos.”

After a style has been selected, comes the customization of that style to enhance a man’s looks, Dean says.

“My male clients go from long hair, to buzz cuts and flat tops. Predominantly, it’s more clean sides with length and texture on the top now, although we do a lot of fades or undercuts where the hair is super short on the sides and long on the top.”

According to Dean, a hair style depends on the person and their personalities, both men and women. “We’ll do whatever a client wants, but I’m not shy about steering them away from a cut that wouldn’t be flattering. It’s their hair though, and they need to be happy.”

Hair products for men

Just like their female counterparts, hair color is becoming more and more important to men as a necessary part of their grooming routines. At Tres Image, the only hair color products used are by Goldwell. For men, the trend is to a Goldwell line called ReShade, a color service as easy as shampooing.

“ReShade smokes out the grey,” Dean says. ”So it’s not so blatant. Many men who use color use ReShade, although some of my younger clients (those in their late teens and early 20s) are using more vibrant colors.

Also trending now for men, according to Dean, are water soluble products such as pomades or dry waxes for the matte look—you don’t have to use a lot of shampoo to get them out.

“These days, men are acknowledging that their appearance is very important and that they have to work on it to achieve the look they want.”

Good grooming is not just for the girls anymore

At Tres Image, men’s needs are as important as women’s. Consider earlier articles appearing in this space documenting services—nails and skincare—that are available to men too. Manis and pedis are important to an overall, well-groomed appearance. And for men, healthy skin is no longer something to take for granted. As Dean says, you have to work just a little bit to achieve the look you want.

“My male clients are very attuned to how they look,” he says. “They usually book a haircut for every two-to-three weeks. A lot of my clients lock in appointments, usually a year in advance. That way, the appointment is on the calendar. It’s difficult to get an appointment at the last minute.”

With so many products available, and so much conflicting advice right at your fingertips, it’s hard to know where a healthy man’s personal care routine should begin.

That’s why making an appointment with Dean or one of the other stylists at Tres Image is important. Your hair stylist, your manicurist and your esthetician know the products, the styles and the grooming tips that are best suited to you for a polished, overall good look. And, they will explain how simple it is for you to establish your personal care routine when you leave the salon.

Make the call today and get ready for the best you possible!

Posted on 02.26.18

Skin. It’s the Largest Organ in Your Body. Let’s be nice to it!

When it comes to skin, especially winter skin, it’s imperative that we formulate a skincare plan that’s just right for us. Oh that we could have a flawless face like Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez. But since few of us are blessed with perfect complexions, a specialist is your best option. You can bet that those screen personalities didn’t achieve that impeccable look by themselves!

Skin. The basics

Yours might be oily; mine might be dry. Some of us are prone to acne or rashes. What to do?

Here are 4 tips that cover the fundamentals of good skincare:

Start simple-evaluate your current cleansing routineStart early-if you’re a teen or have a teenager at home, start now to develop healthy habits. If you’re older, you can nourish, pamper and protect your skin for the future. It’s never too lateWear sunscreen daily-seems like this is a no-brainer, right? But surprisingly, some neglect this necessary element for proper care of the skinSeek professional advice-this last piece of advice is key to a gorgeous look. An esthetician is definitely the go-to answer to all of your skincare questions, and those at

TresImage have tool boxes packed full to guide you to the best options for your specific needs

Meet Lori Valentine and Jessica Deputy, TresImage’s go-to experts. They are each licensed estheticians with multiple years of training and practice-these two know skin and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Lori Valentine

With 11 years at TresImage, and an esthetician for 13, Lori is a personable, no-nonsense kind of girl who knows what it takes to care for winter-plagued skin. She says one of the best things about her business is that she gets to help people every day to solve their problems when it comes to their skin.

“The key to living in our climate,” she says, “is that you must be vigilant about exfoliating and hydrating. And the older you get, the more you need. Everybody has different needs and as an esthetician, I understand skin completely and I have the proper tools to examine it thoroughly.”

An esthetician is a counselor, Lori says. We’re skin therapists. People have the wrong idea about facials. Most view them as a luxury; however, according to Lori, you get a very clinical approach from your esthetician when you have a facial. She says having a facial is always a treat, it’s a spa event.

“But, it’s also clinical because you’ll be diagnosed about whatever your skin issues are. I can easily tell if you have hyper-pigmentation, acne or aging skin.”

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and aging skin needs tender loving care. “There is no magic bullet,” Lori says. “You have to do the work and have a daily routine of home care.” She says

80 percent of skin care is done at home; the other 20 percent is up to your esthetician. “It’s the same as when you go to the gym-you have to eat well and watch your diet.”

She compared oily skin to aging skin-both need special products.

Jessica Deputy

Jessica has been in the skin business for more than three years, nearly two of those years at Tres Image. She says before she jumped into skin care professionally, she had a facial and loved it. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I love to see a change in people,” she says. “I love when they realize they don’t have to suffer with a problem like acne or dry skin or unwanted body hair. I love every minute of it!”

Both Lori and Jessica agree that ideally, everyone should have a facial every 4-6 weeks-that’s the cycle of cell turnover for skin, although they added that as you age, cell renewal slows down.

“Aging skin needs more help to turn cells over,” Jessica says. “That’s where your esthetician comes in using exfoliation, deep cleaning, massage, chemical peels, masks and deep hydration. All products used are tailored to your skin type.”

At Tres Image, where each facial is individually customized, estheticians use only Bioelements brand skin care products exclusively.

“It’s so important to be educated about your skin type. A minimal routine gets amazing results,” Jessica says.

To get rid of dry, Nevada skin, after your facial, you must exfoliate regularly-typically three times a week to remove dead cells that build up so your products can penetrate and hydrate.

“You must take care of your skin between facials or you won’t see lasting results. I like masks, they’re filled with ingredients that are designed for you and your skin type. Since they’re tailored for you, they’re filled with active ingredients to continue your active results” Jessica says. However, she says, you wouldn’t use a hydrating mask on an acne client.

Jessica says that her work days at TresImage are never boring. “We have a welcoming environment here. It is more like a family than a business. It’s a very personal and positive place.”

Skin care is not just for the ladies

Both Jessica and Lori say they are seeing more men come into the salon for facials. Men, they say, are more receptive to skin care now than in the past, although they’re still a bit apprehensive. Both agree that it’s important for men to at least give professional skin care a try.

Fortunately, there are simple skin care options available for the guys that require minimal investment of time or money. In fact, men have an edge over women in the skin care game.

According to WebMD, although men may curse the need to shave daily, there is an upside-all those hair follicles help keep a man’s face wrinkle free! Men’s facial hair acts as sort of a support structure for the face.

The downside to all those hair follicles is in-grown hairs, a condition easily treated by an esthetician. In addition, it’s just as important for men to exfoliate as it is for women. At Tres Image, part of a man’s facial will include education as to how to do this properly.

Winter skin care tips

Always seek a specialist for skin care whether you’ve got problem skin or perfectly flawless skinMoisturize moreAlways use sun screenHook up a humidifier for additional hydration and then hydrate, hydrate, hydrateFeet need care too-try petroleum jelly or glycerin, especially in the winterTalk to your esthetician about how many peels to use in the winterStay away from super-hot baths

If you don’t do anything else for yourself this winter, now’s the time to begin building a relationship with one of our outstanding skin care specialists at Tres Image. Remember, it takes more than a single visit to build a rapport that will bring the best results for you and your skin.

As Lori says, it’s a very intimate process. You can’t self-diagnose; you need an esthetician to help. It’s like going to a doctor, she says; its preventative care for your skin.

Posted on 02.05.18

POLISHED TO PERFECTION! A look at the latest trends in nails from TresImage


A look at the latest trends in nails from TresImage

For Valentine’s Day, our nail experts have stepped up their games with the newest in nail design.

This is an impassioned bunch with lots of talent and expertise. That’s why we think it’s time to meet the Tres Image experts and get to know what they’ve got planned for this special day…and beyond.

Whether your look is traditional/natural, or you’re up for putting on the glitz, at Tres Image we consider nails (all 20 of them!) to be the perfect canvases for our nail artists to work their magic as they create amazing designs for all of your fingers and toes.

Let’s meet this talented group

Serena Mulock: Serena is the newest member of the nail team at Tres Image, who says with shop owner Risa’s encouragement, she jumped into the beauty business after 35 years in another field. She says she’s always been drawn to the industry and she loves how people feel when they leave the shop after a mani or a pedi…or both.

When asked what it’s like to be in the nail business, Serena, who’s been a manicurist for only one month had this to say: Besides being exciting and terrifying at the same time, I’m really excited to take the step into this area. It’s what I had originally thought I would do [nails], but I also studied all facets of cosmetology—I’m glad I did!

Serena says because she’s new she’s concentrating on natural nails for the time being. “Fortunately, I have some great mentors,” she says, adding that her biggest expectation for both she and her clients is a feeling of respect. “Even when we listen and interact with our clients, we need to do all of these things with respect.”

If it’s the natural look you’re after, give Serena a call.

Caitlin Lambert: Although Caitlin has been with Tres Image for more than two years, she’s been working her nail magic since 2014.

Why did she choose this profession? “I was in a job I didn’t want to be in—for years. So I decided to do what I love and turn it into a profession. Now I love my job everyday—I can have fun, be creative and work hard the way I want to.”

She says nude nails are always popular and they look good on just about everyone, and she always recommends using gel and sculpting gel, which is her specialty. “Gel lasts longer and retains its luster; however, not everyone’s lifestyle allows them to wear it.”

She says with gel there’s no need to worry about plastic tips and to her way of thinking, gel is more natural on the nail than acrylic.

She feels strongly about tender loving care when it comes to nails—she loves working on and keeping feet hydrated and smoothed to perfection.

“Both men and women need to have a mani or a pedi on a regular basis. Just think how much abuse our hands and feet take daily.”

Caitlin likes the atmosphere at TresImage, which she says fosters a better connection with clients.

Nikki Lessman: Nikki’s been in the nail business for more than 11 years; five of them at Tres Image. She says when she was in her mid-twenties, she had no idea what she wanted to do for a living. With a little nudge from her mom, who was an instructor at a beauty school, she decided to try nails. “I really enjoy it,” she says.

Coffin-shaped or stiletto nails seem to be trending now, Nikki says, however, she does all sorts of shapes and lengths, from short with no edge to three-inch stilettos.

Like Caitlin, Nikki highly recommends gel products. “It lasts much longer and is always dry before you leave the salon.” Although she is accomplished in all facets of nail care, because of its versatility, gel is her preferred product. Glitter, stamps and/or hand art are all good-to-go with gel.

Manicures and pedicures are important simply because self-care is important, she says. “And who doesn’t like a little R & R time that helps you feel prettier in the end?”

When it comes to nails reflecting fashion trends, she vehemently agrees that the two pair beautifully.  Fashion, according to Nikki, is always on the move and changing and so are nail trends, whether it be design or shape.

Being somewhat of a philosopher, she cautions against judging a book by its cover—you never know what you can learn from it.

As for her time at TresImage? She loves it! “It’s a more relaxing environment to be in for both the stylists and the clients.”

Valerie Fritz: Valerie has been tending to nails for nearly four years, almost all of them at Tres Image. Why? Because she saw an opportunity as a single mom to make good money and to be her own boss.

She knows the trends, stating that there are lots of popular nail shapes now including coffin, stiletto and almond. She added the fashionable finishes people are asking for are hologram and unicorn pigments as well as matte. Nail trends constantly change, just like fashion trends, Valerie says.

She, like most of the other stylists, likes to work with gel polishes for many reasons, not the least of which is its speedy drying capabilities. She specializes in nail shaping and hand painted art.

Manis and pedis are great ways to keep hands and feet healthy and in good shape, she says. “And you always feel like a new person with fresh nails and toes.”

Since TresImage is the only salon in which she’s worked, she can’t compare the working atmosphere with others. But, she says, “We have great friendships here as well as an owner who cares a great deal about her employees.”

Cecilia Padilla: Meet Cecilia, who calls herself a nail ninja! She came to Tres Image eight-years-ago because she was working in daycare, and “wanted to have a career.”

She says many of her younger clients tend to want just solid colors when it comes to manis, while lots of those who have been with her a long time like having decorative nails. And like her fellow stylists, it’s gel all the way. Her specialties are gel and nail art.

Maintaining the health of your hands and feet is all the reason you need to have manis and pedis, she says. “We use them every day. They need as much love as possible.”

Cecilia feels that fashion is definitely a “head-to-toe thing!”

Tawny Little: If it’s acrylics you’re looking for, come see Tawny. As a nail artist for 11 years, Tawny has called Tres Image home for the last four.

She’s seen nail trends come and go, but says now neons, metallics, stripes and nudes are popular. She added, “I still think [in 2018] the shapes and lengths will be all over the board, like 2017.” Although she specializes in acrylics, she likes gel polish for hands, but she says regular polish is good for toes because it stays put for a long time.

Hand and feet care, especially in Nevada, is absolutely imperative because of the dry weather and low humidity. “It helps keep fingers and toes from cracking.”

She thinks shop owner, Risa, is amazing. “She is so stable, which is rare in this industry, and is always trying to help us do better.”

Magdalena Kiejna: 

Magdalena says she has been in Reno nearly 10 years, having emigrated from Poland. She’s been at Tres Image eight years, starting there directly out of beauty school.

“I love the people and creativity that comes with this business,” she says. “I also love the sense of family and friendship that I have built with my co-workers and clients. An amazing environment with an opportunity to work as a team and grow. This salon has a very unique feel to it.”

Magdalena loves the beauty of a good pedicure and says she specializes in pedicures, with an emphasis on pedicures! “I love seeing a client for the first time and having he or she come back every month.”

When asked about nail trends, Magdalena said this: I recently graduated from nursing school and I believe that the nail biz is very similar to healthcare. Things change every day and you just have to go with it. That’s the beauty of the industry, you always go with what your client wants.”

She says she likes both gel and regular polishes, although gels are stronger and made for clients who need more durability. However [regular polish] allows you to play with shape and extend the nails better.

Nail trends compliment fashion trends, she says. “Clients’ preferences change with the current fashion. I’m glad that I’m in an industry that allows me to be so creative.”

Nailing it—something special for your Valentine

There you have it, seven distinctive stylists offering many more than seven reasons to come in and give the Tres Image nail experts a try. We look forward to seeing you any time, and we especially look forward to helping make you a more beautiful you.

And for a unique, special present for your Valentine, how about the gift of self-care in the form of a manicure or pedicure. They’ll love you for it and will remember it long after Valentine’s Day. Contact TresImage at 775-323-1414

Posted on 12.18.17

THE JOY OF HEAVENLY HAIR: Unlocking good hair days


If you’re like us, gratitude is the byword for this holiday season. TresImage is grateful to all of our fantastic customers for their continued support, to our awesome employees and to our always-dependable suppliers of the products we use at TresImage.

We are thankful for UNITE, an above-average line of hair products offering guaranteed good hair days and a commonsense approach to the art of glorious hair. UNITE is a company delivering what they promise…dazzling results.

UNITE and Tres Image are committed to making life easier; UNITE with their top-tier line of more than 30 products, and Tres Image, with its commitment to making sure our customers leave the shop good-to-go and always satisfied.


When it comes to hair, shampooing and conditioning are very, very important. That’s why the UNITE brand has a special place in any hairdresser’s tool box. Consider these 5 must haves for your mane, especially during the winter months.

Need moisture? Your shampoo and conditioner are important when it comes to maintaining the health and strength of your hair. UNITE’s BOING™ Curl Shampoo’s hydrating cream-to-foam formula gently cleanses while it restores elasticity and shine, leaving your curls healthy and hydrated.

Its coconut extracts restore the hair’s pH balance, while vegetable proteins such as aloe and rosemary strengthen and nourish and soothe the scalp. Chamomile and oats soothe and believe it or not, actually encourage hair growth. Besides all that, BOING cuts down the frizz.

Winter’s hard on your hair—consider a power treatment to keep your locks looking shiny and beautiful. Pair UNITE’s Weekender Shampoo (which is truly a deep cleanser that promises to leave your color alone) with 7SECONDS™ Masque. The combo will nourish each strand down to its core, leaving you with healthy, shiny hair. This is the ultimate in hair health.

Here’s how you use it: Shampoo first with Weekender, then apply the Masque from roots to ends, letting it sit for 10 minutes. This quickie repairs your hair’s elasticity, leaving you with healthy, bouncy hair.

Shampoo twice. Why? Depending on how much pollution, oil, dirt and styling products the hair is exposed to, two shampoos are an effective way to keep hair healthy and happy. But don’t forget to rinse thoroughly.

We recommend a wash with UNITE products starting with Weekender Shampoo to loosen the dirt and grime followed with a second wash and condition with either 7SECONDS, BLONDA™ or BOOSTA™ to cleanse both your hair and scalp.

Dry shampoos are an important staple in our busy lives. Can you believe within 7SECONDS your hair can be fresh and clean? UNITE’s dry shampoo (Refresher)formula is second to none. It absorbs oil and will not clog hair follicles that can result in hair loss, dandruff or build-up. Additionally, this product extends the color and life of your style, while absorbing excess oil.

This unique refresher works best on the first day of use, extending the life of your style and absorbing excess oils as then oils will most often appear on the second and third days. Don’t worry about annoying buildup, it’s not a problem with 7SECONDS dry shampoo.

Leave-in products from UNITE are an absolute must. Detanglers, like 7SECONDS and BOING are for everyone! Simply spray them on after towel drying to smooth your tresses, revive curls and add moisture. These fantastic inventions also act as UV protectors as well as defending against heat-styling difficulties.

Now’s the time to say goodbye to dry, unmanageable hair. You can always find our 5 “must-haves” at Tres Image. Remember, your hairdresser is your best defense against winter damage and will be happy to guide you to what’s best for you—all you have to do is ask! These products—and more—are all available for take home at the salon.

Happy Holidays!

Posted on 09.18.17

Fall Hair Care tips for Healthy Hair

Fall is in the air !   And, it’s time to readjust your daily hair care regimen to work with the changing weather for your Fall Hair needs.

There are a few small things you can do to make a huge difference when it comes to creating healthy Fall Hair….

 Change your daily shampoo and conditioner to treat your hair differently during the fall and winter months.  At TresImage we recommend the 7 seconds Shampoo and Conditioner by Unite.  These products are for ALL hair types and they moisturize, add shine, and they protect your hair from UV rays, thermal styling and the dry climate.  We also recommend a leave in conditioner by Unite called 7 second leave in detangler.  It’s also a UV protector and heat protector.  You will spray this incredible product in your hair after you shampoo before you brush/comb your hair.  Perfect for all hair types and we absolutely love this product.Add a Hydration Masque that you will use once or twice a week or as needed.  The Masque by UNITE is in a 4 oz jar and adds unbelievable moisture, brilliant shine and has the ultimate protection. This masque works by restoring the elasticity and giving you an infusion of intense moisture. This product is the ultimate in healthy hair care.Get a haircut.  It’s time to trim off the damaged, dry ends from a summer of fun in the sun and let the hydration products moisturize your clean, trimmed hair.  There is nothing more important than getting a refresher on your haircut when the seasons change.  Talk to your stylist about your hair trimming schedule to keep your hair at it’s healthiest.

Please visit us at TresImage for a more in depth conversation about your personal hair care needs.  A well informed stylist can help you pick the best products and services for your Fall hair care regimen.

Posted on 08.19.16

Trending: Eyelash Extensions

We are always looking to provide our clients with the best experience possible with up to date services and products.

We are excited to announce we have two lash artists offering eyelash extensions at TresImage Salon. Rebecca Melton is a licensed cosmetologist specializing in Lash extensions and hair services. Jessica Deputy is a licensed aesthetician specializing in eyelash extensions and waxing services.

Eyelash extensions are longer, fuller lashes applied individually to your natural lash by a trained professional to create the desired effect. Eyelash extensions offer a more permanent solution to wearing lash strips. Eyelash extensions cut out the hassle of applying and removing mascara as you will always look like you’re wearing it. This helps women to cut down on their day to day maintenance.

The extensions come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, curl types, and colors. Before application, the client’s natural lashes, eye shape, and lifestyle are taken into consideration. We ensure the integrity of each client’s natural lashes by using professional extension glue, isolating each individual lash to prevent clusters, and applying the extensions a safe amount of space from the lash line. Eyelash extensions are not damaging to the natural lashes when applied properly. We currently offer eyelash extensions with products from Lash Tavern and Borboletta. We also offer colored lash extensions if you want to add a pop of color or a full rainbow to fit your style. Appointments are available 7 days a week to fit your schedule.

We offer three different styles to suite your style:

Natural: A good starting point to build upon, one lash extension per natural lash. Beautifully and naturally frames the eyes.

Classic: A little fuller look than the natural- perfect for clients who may not have many lashes of their own, or anyone who wants a bit more fluff.

Dramatic: Gorgeous and dramatic lashes using the volume lash technique- multiple lash extensions per natural lash.

What to expect: For your first appointment, you will be getting a “full set” since you currently do not have eyelash extensions on. Please arrive to your appointment without mascara on- this helps makes priming your lashes easier and we can get started on the application process sooner. It is preferable that clients do not wear contacts during the application process in case any glue gets in the eye. You will be lying on your back with your eyes closed during the majority of your appointment. Please use the restroom before your appointment- opening your eyes during the process can misplace lashes and possibly glue may seep into the eyes if opened too soon. Each appointment takes 1-3 hours depending on the amount/condition of your natural lashes and the style of extensions you have chosen. This amount of time also allows us to apply the eyelash extensions in the safe and proper way. Once all the eyelash extensions are applied, we allow a few minutes to make sure the glue is dried and will tell you when to open. Then it is time to admire your new lashes and schedule a fill appointment. Your lashes shed just like the hair on your head; we recommend a fill every 2 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and fabulous.


Do not get the eyelash extensions wet for 24 hours after your appointment.

Use oil-free makeup remover.

Brush lashes daily with mascara wand to keep them fluffy and in place.

Initial itchiness may occur while your eyes are getting used to the extensions, Benadryl can help. If eyelids are swollen or red, please come in to have the extensions removed.

The gentler you are with your lashes, the longer they last.

Posted on 02.24.15

Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel

The Skin you want is under the skin you see.

Have you heard about the Bioelements Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel?

Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel

Smoothes-out rough skin texture and increases hydrationUnclogs the most stubborn clogged pores and reduces appearance of pore sizeSoftens stubborn, deeper or more calcified miliaDetoxifies and stimulates micro-circulation to remove skin-aging toxinsBrightens dull, lifeless skin to reveal a rosy glowImmediate and noticeable tightening of sagging tissuesLines and wrinkles become immediately less noticeableLightens and brightens moderate levels of hyper-pigmentationAll with ZERO pain, ZERO flaking, ZERO downtime!European Facial with Chemical Peel   $125    1 hour 15 min *all chemical peels are customized for each client based on their skin condition and needsLori Valentine          Stefanie ScottLicensed Aestheticians   TresImage Salon       775-323-1414

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