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What can happen when you go to bed with your hair wet?

Did you know that a simple routine of going to bed with your hair wet can cause damage and lead to other issues? If you didn’t, then please read on…

Hair is fragile when it’s wet. We are also known for tossing and turning of a night, which causes friction, ultimately leading to breakage (damaged hair.) Using a silk pillowcase can help with friction, but breakage isn’t the only problem that arises from sleeping with damp hair.

With wet hair comes a wet pillowcase. Both are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and fungal infections. This means your scalp can not only become flakey, red and itchy but a bacterial/fungal infection can be of major concern. Your skin can be affected too with hairline pimples or fungal acne.

Lastly, let’s not forget that sleeping with wet hair can strip it of its natural oils, leading to dryness. When the hair and scalp becomes dry, your enemy frizz can make an appearance as well as causing breakage too.

While Reno has a drier climate and hair dries quicker with less humidity, you still may take some time to dry naturally with healthy hair. So let’s dry it before bed or plan to wash your hair in the morning. As if you suffer with any of the above symptoms; you may have found your culprit!

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