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Why do we use GOLDWELL?

With all the brands out there today, it’s hard to know which brand color you should be using. Did you know that at least 75% of women in the United States have colored their hair at least once? This is why we find it important to stock and use one of the best brands in the market today.

TresImage has been a GOLDWELL Salon since day one (way back in 2002.) In fact, Risa learned this line when she first started out in her days at Da Vinci Salon in 2000. She loved the line and kept up with it and uses it every day in the Salon, from color to perms to styling products.

Their commitment to research and finding innovative ways to perfect hair color, condition and texture, is one of many reasons Salons throughout the world stock Goldwell (including us.) All Goldwell color products help to keep the hair as healthy as possible to ensure vibrant and shiny color results every time.

Having take home products like Goldwell ensures our clients of many things:

  • Healthy hair.

  • Longevity for your hair color.

  • Easy to use & reliable.

  • Re-creating your look when you leave the Salon.

  • Shine.

  • Researched ingredients that can be trusted.

  • A more simplified styling routine.

  • UV Protection.

  • Luxurious ingredients.

We must not forget to remind you that we are lucky to have an award-winning GOLDWELL MASTER COLORIST who is our Salon Educator. So while we are delivering the best products, Derrick is also keeping us up-to-date with information and techniques. That way we ensure nothing but the best for our clientele.

If you haven’t been to us, yet and are wondering if Goldwell is a good fit for you, you can always book a color consultation and discuss it with one of our Stylists. Get some peace of mind before committing to your new color and look. Call the front desk on 775-323-1414 to book.

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