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Going gray isn't always people's favorite thing to do. It's estimated that around 50 percent of the population will have gray hair by age 50. While a large part of the earth's population love to cover their gray's, there are quite a few who decide to succumb to the natural occurrence. The issue is how do we go about it successfully?

Here are a few options that might work for you or someone you know who is thinking about it:

  1. Highlights and Lighter Color Base- By lightening the base (be sure to stay clear of warm colors) and adding highlights, this can help with the grow out being not as hard as well as a more seamless appearance.

  2. Reverse Balayage/Lowlights - Lowlights can give a more salt + pepper variance. Often reverse balayage (sweeping the hair) with darker strands at the ends and heading up into a lighter grey base is the perfect way for someone to embrace their gray hair.

  3. Just cutting it- What some people will do is grow out their hair just enough to cut it into a fashionable pixie cut.

  4. Root-Touch Up Spray- You might be someone who wears a hat or beanie and will only need to spray your roots when going out. Covering them this way isn't a permanent solution and can be great for allowing your hair to take a break from color until you have grown it long enough to cut it into the style that has captured your heart.

Some other things you should always remember when growing out your gray hair is the texture and condition of your hair may change a considerable amount. You will need to keep up regular trims. It's important to keep it hydrated and full of moisture, so adding a hair mask to your weekly routine is now essential. You may also notice a yellow hue to your gray locks, so keep a purple shampoo handy in your bathroom and use when needed.

Not sure what the best option is for you? Speak to one of our experienced Stylists by calling the front desk and booking a consultation soon.

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