Serena Mulock

Nail Technician


I have been at Tres Image since January 2017. I was a regular client before that and knew that this was the salon that I wanted to be at. I am a licensed cosmetologist focusing on natural length nails.

I am a second generation Nevadan, with a brief hiatus in Oregon. However, there truly is no place like home. My decision to enter the beauty field came later in life, after some life situations that made me re-evaluate my life. I had been in the food industry up to that point for 35+ years and was very comfortable in it. Continually through my life I still found myself drawn with fascination to the beauty field. So, after much encouragement, I decided it was time to follow that other dream. I have been truly glad that I did.

Learning is a constant for me. Whether it is reading, watching videos or attending classes to learn how to better improve myself or how to learn something new. My husband and my family are my biggest supporters and we enjoy spending time together, whether its just hanging out or exploring. Other things I enjoy doing in my free time, is having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with friends, doing some type of crafting, or spending time in the kitchen baking up a batch of something to share with others.

When it comes to my time in the salon, I have found that pedicures are a passion for me. We spend so much time on our feet and give so little thought and care to them. So, when a client takes the time to do self-care of their feet, I want to help them truly enjoy it and do my best.

I focus on Natural Length nails which includes services not only for the pedicure services, but also for natural nail manicures and gel polish manicures.

One of the newer services that I offer, that is fast becoming popular, is Powder Coating (also known as Dipping) for natural length nails. For those who want something a little stronger and more durable than gel polish, this is a great step up.

With all my nail services I enjoy seeing the decisions that my clients choose when picking their designs, colors etc.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with and how I can help you with your self-care.


Find me on Instagram:     serenamulock