Valerie Fritz

Nail Technician

Hi!  I’m Valerie!

I have been doing nails for 4 years and came to TresImage right out of beauty school and never left! 

I got into the business because my mom pushed for me to go to school after I had my son. I only intended to go and do the bare minimum, but that did not end up being the case! I fell in love and wanted to know anything and everything about doing nails! 

I specialize in shaping and hand painted art work using hard gels!
I love that you can have super simple nails with a beautiful shape and they will always give you a polished look! 

I am so thankful to have the most amazing clients, some have been with me my entire career! I’ve truly become very close to my clients and I’ve built great relationships! 

Outside of work I have my 5 year old son, my boyfriend and two mastiff puppies! 

My favorite saying or quote is the one that says “I’ve always seen the glass half full instead of half empty.” That’s who I am. I like to stay positive and keep moving forward.

I love what I do and next time you are in the salon, come say hello!